Janne - Pferdemarkt Pferd Nr. 1142975 - Stadt ((D) Berlin)

Pferdemarkt Pferd Nr. 1142975
Pferdename Janne
Rasse _Keine Angabe_ _Keine Angabe_
Geschlecht Stute
Alter 11 Jahr(e)
Stockmaß 160 cm
Farbe Black Overo
Standort Stadt ((D) Berlin)
Preis auf Anfrage 2.000,00 €
Eignungen Dressur Fahrsport Springen Vielseitigkeit

Dressur Springen Fahrsport Vielseitigkeit Therap. Reiten Distanzreiten Gelände Freizeit Zucht Reining Schulpferde für Anfänger geeignet tragend

Ausbildungsstand Dressur Klasse: A
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Janne is a beautiful and expressive black mare without badges. She was born in 2009 and is about 160 cm tall. Enigmatic all-rounder that can be ridden by anyone. Always relaxed, strong nerves, calm and relaxed. A well and absolutely correctly built mare with a beautiful eye and a great mane. Super GGA to sit, especially the gallop is just a dream.
Janne is totally cute, people-oriented and always wants to please.
It is suitable for everyone because she has a strong and good character. Because of these characteristics it is suitable for every branch of the cavalry.

She knows the lunge, the floor work, the work in the hall and on the court as well as the long time in the park - whether in a group or alone.